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Job Filing & Applications

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How Noel Building Consulting, Inc., Files Job Applications & Gets Permits on Its Clients' Behalf
New York City laws require that one or more permits be obtained before starting construction work. This fact sheet describes the general process at the Department of Buildings for filing an application and obtaining a permit for jobs that are not Professionally Certified.
Step1: Noel Building Pre-Files Application in a Borough Office 
  • We then meet with Department pre-filer and submit 3 copies of each of the following to pre-filer.
  • Complete set of drawings provided by client, including energy calculations.
  • PW-1 forms, which we produce and submit to you for signature and seal with schedules A, B, and C
  • Asbestos forms.
  • Pre-filer checks for completeness, estimates cost, and determines job type.
  • Pre-filer enters basic job information into Buildings Information System (BIS), assesses fee, and assigns a BIS Job Number to the application.
Step 2: Noel Building Consulting, Inc. Goes to Cashier & Pays the Fee
  • We submit the application folder to the cashier and pay the fee.
  • Cashier transfers folder to the DEAR section.
Step 3: Department Data Enters Application Details
  • DEAR checks the application information for completeness.
  • DEAR data enters details of the application.
  • DEAR transfers application folder to plan examiner.
Step 4: Department Reviews Application Plan
  • A plan examiner reviews the plan for compliance with one of the requirements below: 
    • Directive 14 Requirements: Zoning (Use), Egress and Ll58/87 (Disability) Only. 
    • Directive 2 Requirements: 
      • Egress (Building Code) 
      • Fire Protection (Building Code) 
      • Multiple Dwelling Law 
      • Housing Maintenance Code
  • During the review, the plan examiner data enters into BIS any "required items" needed for the construction work being described.
  • If after review of the of the plans it is determined by the plan examiner that the plans do not meet the requirements, we will address the objections with the client, make necessary corrections, and schedule an appointment with the plan examiner to obtain approval.

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